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Adams & Reese LLP Assists Giordano on Various Issues as a Result of Hurricane Sandy

Red Bank, NJ - November 8, 2012 - Giordano, Halleran & Ciesla(GH&C) announced today their gratefulness to the law firm of Adams & Reese LLP for their insight and assistance in helping GH&C prepare for the various needs of their clients post Hurricane Sandy.

Adams & Reese LLP, a multidisciplinary law firm with attorneys and advisors in 14 offices in 13 markets strategically located throughout the southern United States, Washington, DC and headquartered in New Orleans, LA, was instrumental in helping their clients post Hurricane Katrina. Their experience in insurance claims, business interruption issues, redevelopment, and the many other legal issues resulting from major storm damage, will position GH&C as an overall resource to clients and all those in need of assistance.

Michael Bruno, chair of the Redevelopment Practice Group and one of the members of the firm that consulted with Adams & Reese said, "We at GH&C want to acknowledge the sense of community shown by Adams & Reese and thank them for their generosity in sharing their experiences with the peculiar legal issues they faced post hurricane Katrina to keep GH&C a step ahead in preparing for similar issues New Jersey businesses and individuals will face post hurricane Sandy."

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