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Insurance Coverage For Superstorm Sandy Claims

Red Bank, NJ - November 9, 2012

Superstorm Sandy has devastated the New Jersey Shore and other parts of New Jersey, causing untold damages to personal residences and businesses. For those individuals and businesses fortunate enough to have insurance coverage, particularly flood insurance coverage, steps should be taken immediately to protect your rights under your insurance policies. The first step in the process is to identify what insurance policies you may have which may respond to the loss. Individuals should look to their homeowner's policies for damage to their home and to their automobile policies for damage to their automobiles. Businesses should look primarily to their business owners or commercial property policies. Both businesses and individuals should examine any excess or umbrella insurance policies they may have.

Once policies are identified, claims should immediately be reported to your insurers. The fastest and simplest way of providing notice is through your insurance broker, which should be done in writing with the request that your broker provide notice to your insurer. You should request that your broker provide you with a copy of the notice it provides to the insurer. Most insurance agents are extremely helpful in processing claims and assisting insureds with their claims. Notice can also be given directly to your insurer and many insurers are setting up mobile claim units at which claims can be reported.

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