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Cannabis Law

The cannabis industry is booming across the country as an increasing number of states adopt medical and adult-use recreational cannabis programs. Investors and entrepreneurs are evaluating business opportunities in New Jersey at a time when it, too, is considering expansion of its medical cannabis program and enactment of adult-use recreational cannabis legislation.  However, legalization of cannabis for medical purposes and adult use is currently at odds with the federal government’s determination that cannabis is a “Schedule I” controlled substance.  To be successful in managing the complex legal landscape, businesses interested in the New Jersey cannabis market require the advice and counsel of an experienced, knowledgeable and creative legal team at all stages of the business life cycle. 

GH&C is uniquely suited to provide sophisticated advice and counsel to these businesses.  Our attorneys are active in New Jersey’s medical cannabis industry and are experienced in advising clients with regard to requirements for operating under the New Jersey Compassionate Use Medical Marijuana Act (CUMMA).  Our attorneys also are familiar with proposed amendments to CUMMA and are involved in the effort to enact legislative reform to expand the scope of CUMMA.

Drawing on this depth of experience and in anticipation of an expansion of CUMMA and potential enactment of adult-use recreational cannabis legislation, GH&C has established its Cannabis Law Practice Group to meet the needs of existing and future clients.

The group is comprised of a team of attorneys who concentrate on a wide range of practice areas and share a goal: to combine their talents to provide clients with comprehensive legal guidance.  Our team is prepared to address the full range of issues facing businesses in the cannabis industry, including:

1)     Business entity selection and formation;

2)     Financing, investment and venture capital;

3)     Regulatory compliance and licensing;

4)     Governmental affairs and legislative strategy;

5)     Land use and zoning applications;

6)     Real estate acquisition, development and financing;

7)     Environmental review and compliance;

8)     Leasing;

9)     Banking and financing regulations;

10    Employment practices;

11)   Commercial litigation;

12)   Intellectual property;

13)   Healthcare and privacy; and

14)   Government investigations.

The possession, cultivation, processing, sale, use and distribution of cannabis is illegal under federal law and could result in harsh financial and criminal penalties.  The legalization of cannabis for medical purposes or otherwise under any state or local law does not override federal law.  Any legal advice given by this firm is limited to the laws of the State of New Jersey.  No legal advice we give is intended to provide any guidance or assistance in violating federal law.  Any legal work or advice that GH&C may provide shall not be construed as advising or encouraging a client to engage in a business or activity that violates any federal or state law.


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