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As a forward-thinking and client-oriented law firm, Giordano, Halleran & Ciesla is continually seeking out new talent to join our team. We look for team players possessing the ability to work individually and as a part of our departmental teams.

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    Christopher Marino to Moderate Panel During CMJ 2012 Music Marathon

    September 25, 2012

    Christopher Marino will be the moderator of a panel discussion, "To 1099 Or Not To 1099, That Is The Question" during the CMJ 2012 Music Marathon which takes place October 16 - 20, 2012 in NYC. Over five nonstop days and nights, the world's most important platform for the discovery of new music, CMJ Music Marathon, invades New York City with over 1,300 artist performances. CMJ fills more than 80 of the city's greatest venues, and nightclubs with over 120,000 fans, music industry professionals, college radio tastemakers, bloggers, press, and musicians. Attendees have access to over 80 panels, seminars, Q&As, nighttime parties, meet and greets, mixers, special events and exclusive areas like the Exhibitors' Loft and Artist Lounge. CMJ 2012 will be headquartered at New York University's Greenwich Village campus.

    To 1099 Or Not To 1099, That Is The Question
    Over the past few years, the IRS has embarked on a campaign of enforcement relating to the misclassification of workers as independent contractors, seeking to curtail hemorrhaging tax revenues. Similarly, numerous worker class action lawsuits have cropped up asserting violations of wage and hour laws through misclassification. This changing landscape of employment and tax law makes the hiring of artists, musicians, writers, and other entertainment professionals a precarious process. Join us for a discussion mapping out the potential pitfalls, legal challenges, and tax implications of classifying your workforce in the entertainment industry. A panel of experts will explore topics including potential liability to workers and the IRS, maintaining ownership of worker-generated intellectual property, and the applicability and effects of the Central Withholding Agreement on foreign nationals.

    Moderator: Christopher J. Marino
    Speakers: Richard Stoller, Partner, Prager and Fenton, LLP; Stephen Herbis, Esq., Principal, Law Office of Stephen F. Herbes

    For more information on the Music Marathon or to register for the event, please click here
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