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Giordano, Halleran & Ciesla, P.C. offers exceptional career opportunities to lawyers, aspiring graduates and business support professionals in an environment that is challenging and rewarding. Our continued success depends on our most important asset – our people – which is why we take care in recruiting and retaining the best. We look for candidates with academic excellence, proven commitment and self-motivation.

As a forward-thinking and client-oriented law firm, Giordano, Halleran & Ciesla is continually seeking out new talent to join our team. We look for team players possessing the ability to work individually and as a part of our departmental teams.

If interested, we encourage you to submit a cover letter and resume directly to James D'Arcy, via email to or via fax to (732) 224-6599.

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    Government Affairs

    Today’s business clients can be subject to extensive requirements of many government agencies. There are highly detailed regulations, particularly in the areas of building and development, banking, health care, insurance, tax and the environment, all of which impact on business. On their behalf, GH&C’s Government Affairs attorneys interact with these administrative agencies. Previous government service and legal and business experience provide the expertise to anticipate agency responses to many situations and to achieve results favorable to the client. If our clients’ needs evolve from the delivery of traditional legal advice, the Government Affairs Department of Giordano, Halleran and Ciesla can do any or all of the following. 

    • Strategic planning. Too often a potentially bad situation becomes worse by neglect or mismanagement. The same holds true in government affairs. The preferable course of action would be to engage us to develop a good strategic plan in advance and allow you to work the plan as your time and resources permit incrementally building toward your business or organization’s goal. Good relationships with the regulators should be established in advance of the crisis. 
    • Government advocacy. With the government’s “one size fits all” legislative response to a perceived problem a proposed law or regulation may threaten to crush a businesses or organization. We can provide effective representation before the legislature or executive branch acts to raise awareness about the unintended consequence to you and work with all parties to achieve a successful outcome. Members of our government affairs team have experience with the passage of landmark legislation including 100 laws, 2 constitutional amendments and the disposition of hundreds of regulations.
    • Grassroots outreach. Recruiting the public to punctuate the message of your business or organization serves all parties. The public is served because your business or organization’s presence in the community is significant because of the jobs you create and the resources spent in the local economy not to mention the real estate tax relief your provide to homeowners. Government is served because it will better understand the depth that its proposed actions may take will affect a lot more residents and voters than your businesses or organization.
    • Regulatory assistance. We assist our clients with complex permitting, economic development and redevelopment incentive, government contracts and administrative litigation, and regulatory enforcement and compliance issues at all levels of government.

    The shape which legislation takes can dramatically affect a client’s business. Giordano, Halleran & Ciesla's Government Affairs team has expertise in tracking, and influencing policy through the legislative process as it proceeds from committee to conference.

    The Government Affairs Attorneys at GH&C closely monitor the policies that move through all levels of government, whether it be federal, state or local to ensure that our clients are never blindsided by changing regulations. In addition our attorneys keep close connections to policy makers in order to create the best outcome for our clients regarding new policy and policy revisions.

    The GH&C Government Affairs attorneys understand that the political landscape is ever changing and will work hard to ensure that changing political control will not change how our clients do business. Our attorneys have strong ties with legislators from both sides of the aisle and will advocate strongly for our clients no matter who has political control.

    In addition, our attorneys understand that being fluent in one area of government is not enough and recognize that all three branches of government could serve as forums in which to achieve client goals. The lawyers at GH&C advocate at all levels of government including the Legislature, the Governor's Office, and the departments and agencies of the executive branch.

    Our Government Affairs attorneys are seasoned advocates, intimately familiar with legislative and regulatory processes and positioned to communicate clients’ concerns and interests to legislators, regulators, and county and local public officials, and to appear on their behalf before administrative agencies at all levels of government.

    Our firm has maintained a Trenton office for 20 years to work close to the pulse of New Jersey’s State Capital. The goal of the Government Affairs Department of Giordano Halleran and Ciesla is to anticipate a problem before it becomes your problem.


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